Asteroid Arena! NFT Collection

Coming January 2022

Asteroid Arena!

The Official ESport of Las Vegas

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Skill-based Gaming is the Future

We're Changing Vegas

Changing Vegas is an indie game development + film studio in Las Vegas, the Gaming Capital of the World. Our mission is to integrate skill-based video games & casino games into the Las Vegas experience and culture.


Our latest game - Asteroid Arena! - is a NERGASM! It's a 4-player, skill-based CCG, specifically designed for Las Vegas ESports.

Asteroid Arena! is created by Vegas, for Vegas. It's a board game now. In 2022, we're collaborating with a growing group of talented Las Vegas digital creatives to develop the demo, the game, the NFT drops, and our Metaverse presence.

Our aim is to fund Asteroid Arena! through our game art, NFT Collection, merchandise, and events. We invite you to help develop and play Asteroid Arena! And, we appreciate your help in funding the game by buying Official Asteroid Arena! NFTs on


Here's to independent, collaborative business startups! Let's all contribute and prosper together!

This is Crowdfunding in the Blockchain Age

Help Us Fund Asteroid Arena! Through NFTs

Collect The GLOOPs NFTs >>> Support Asteroid Arena AND Earn Premium In-Game Cosmetics!

Introduction Video: Asteroid Arena! NFT Collection

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"I'm Dave Thompson, CEO of Changing Vegas,

and the creator of the Asteroid Arena!


As a community-based business, I'm excited to share more about the game with you, and invite you to join us on this collaborative journey.


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