The GLOOPs 1-of-1 Artwork on Ethereum

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on Ethereum

INTERVIEW with the Artist
JAY O'LEARY (aka "Toofie")


1-of-1 on Ethereum up for bid now (NFT + Original artwork)

Medium and Method:

The piece is watercolor on canvas. Toofie took more than 20 hours to create this piece by hand, applying color after color, layer on layer. The last step was adding dark and white highlights to "pop" the color off the page. His playful style intrigues as The GLOOPs seem to "morph" as you look at them more closely. Toofie calls this "PIXARing" his art.


Size (unframed): 19 1/2 X 30 inches.



Watch the time lapse video of Toofie creating the piece (below): 

Browse the website to learn more about the game and its development.

Learn more about Jay O'Leary

We're proud to be supported by The City of Las Vegas and UNLV's Black Fire Innovation Center.

History of this Groundbreaking Piece of NFT Art:


Asteroid Arena! is The Official ESport of Las Vegas. Each Asteroid Arena! NFT Collection features a different talented Las Vegas artist. 

Nov. 2020 - Dave Thompson, a high-limit Las Vegas poker dealer and game developer, creates the idea for Asteroid Arena! - a board game ( and soon to a video + casino + crypto game in one). It's a rapid-fire collectible card game (CCG) - with RPG elements. NFTs on the WAX blockchain make the game even more fun - and profitable. The GLOOPs are one of eight factions in Asteroid Arena! They're slimy, mischievous creatures that combine and multiply, and eat all of their opponents to win the game. 


Dec. 2021 - Dave's company, Changing Vegas Studios, commissions popular Las Vegas tattoo artist Jay “Toofless” O'Leary to create artwork for The GLOOPs. "Toofie" finishes the painting in December 2021.

Feb. 2022 - On 2-22-22, we launch The GLOOPs as the first series in our Asteroid Arena! NFT Collection on the WAX blockchain. You can see our WAX Collection here.


By owning this NFT, you own a piece of history, as its sale will help fund the development of Asteroid Arena! It is the original - only copy - of The GLOOPs promo artwork. All of the GLOOP NFTs on WAX now were created from this one piece of art. Be the only one who owns the original GLOOPs artwork from the upcoming game - Asteroid Arena!

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What You Get:

1. We will ship the original 1-of-1 GLOOPs painting to you, thereby proving its authenticity. 

2. You can choose to receive the painting framed or unframed. We'll discuss your preference with you.

3. You also get the 1-of-1 GLOOP Promo NFT on Ethereum (as shown on

4. You also receive the "Golden GLOOP" NFT on WAX.

UTILITY: This gives you access to ALL the GLOOP in-game items once Asteroid Arena! is launched. 


Basically, you'll own everything GLOOP!

Changing Vegas Studios

We're in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada - off Flamingo Drive

Image by Ryan 'O' Niel

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