Funding The Official ESport of Las Vegas Through NFTs

LAS VEGAS, March 8, 2022 - The first alien faction in the Asteroid Arena! #NFTCollection has dropped on the WAX blockchain.


Susan Beaver Thompson

Cell: 361-779-3303


Changing Vegas Using New #NFTCollection To Fund Asteroid Arena!

While Celebrating Las Vegas #NFT Artists & Building A Video Game Culture in Vegas

Here’s a link to The Asteroid Arena! #NFTCollection:

Led by CEO & Creative Director Dave Thompson, Changing Vegas LLC is an indie game development + film studio in Las Vegas. In 2022, the startup is collaborating with talented Las Vegas digital creatives to create Asteroid Arena! - a 4-player, free-to-play CCG (collectible card game). In development now, Asteroid Arena! is The Official ESport of Las Vegas.

The Company’s Link Tree directs people to everything needed to buy and blend the GLOOP NFT Founders Packs and help support the development of Las Vegas’ own #Esport:


The Company is using their Asteroid Arena! NFT Collection to help fund the video game. This is a new way to raise funds - aka “Crowdfunding in the Blockchain Age.” Each NFT drop will feature game art from one of the eight alien factions in Asteroid Arena! and is being created by a different Las Vegas artist. Learn more about the game here:

Asteroid Arena! is currently a board game. Proceeds from the NFT drops will go toward developing a game demo and commissioning additional artwork.

The first Asteroid Arena! #NFTdrop features The GLOOPs, slimy, mischievous creatures who combine into monsters and devour their opponents. The GLOOPs are created by popular Las Vegas tattoo artist Jay O’Leary, better known as “Toofless Jay”.

Toofless Jay is the first interview in the new “Artists Behind the Aliens” video series (below).

GLOOP NFT Founders Packs cost 35 WAM (approx. $10) and include 4 digital trading cards. Gamers, nerds, crypto enthusiasts, Millennials, and others will need a WAX wallet before they head to Nefty Blocks to buy GLOOP Founders Packs:

How It Works

People can collect the Baby GLOOP cards and blend them into stronger GLOOPs, including the Legendary GLOOP King. Everyone holding the blended GLOOP NFTs when the video game launches, will receive the corresponding in-game premium cosmetics. In addition to helping fund Asteroid Arena!, when people purchase Packs, they’re also celebrating awesome Las Vegas artists who are making the transition into #blockchain art. The GLOOP Founders Packs are limited edition. Only 5,000 are available. The four “Combo Recipes” to blend the stronger NFTs are described here:

About Changing Vegas, LLC

Changing Vegas creates skill-based games for the next generation of Las Vegas gamers. “When people think of Las Vegas as the Gaming Capital of the World, I want that to mean video games and casino games,” remarks Thompson. Changing Vegas is honored to be supported by the Las Vegas #Cryptocurrency Community, the City of Las Vegas, #TechAlley, Black Fire Innovation Center at UNLV, Nativ Research, the Las Vegas NFT MeetUp Group, and others.

CEO Dave Thompson, a Millennial, created Asteroid Arena! He’s been playing strategy card games all of his life. For the last 12 years, he's been a high-limit table games dealer in Vegas. He knows what Las Vegas players want and is determined to bring video games into casinos. Thompson holds a B.A. in Communications from Iowa State University.


Asteroid Arena! Link Tree - Everything needed to buy and blend the GLOOP NFTs:

Asteroid Arena! Discord:

Changing Vegas YouTube:

Changing Vegas Twitter:

Great Las Vegas Talent Search:


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