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The Great Las Vegas Talent Search

Updated: Feb 24

Asteroid Arena! announces first call for Las Vegas-based digital creatives to collaboratively develop the new video game art, score, in-game apparel, and NFT Collection.

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Las Vegas, NV - On December 17, 2021, Dave Thompson, the CEO of Changing Vegas, and Susan Beaver Thompson, the CMO, hosted a KickOff Event on Twitter Spaces to announce The Great las Vegas Talent Search. Changing Vegas is a community-based business startup in Las Vegas that develops video games and casino games for the next generations. Their latest endeavor is Asteroid Arena!, a "nergasm" of a game, and The Official ESport of Las Vegas.

If you like Magic, Legends of Runeterra, or WoW, you'll love Asteroid Arena! The co-founders, a mother and son duo, are looking for Las Vegas-based digital creatives to help them create the game in 2022.


The Great Las Vegas Talent Search is designed to find talented digital creatives to help develop Asteroid Arena! This First Call For Talent runs from today until midnight on January, 31, 2022 (PST). Asteroid Arena! is being created by Vegas, for Vegas. All those submitting an application must live in the Las Vegas area.

The deadline is 3/31/21. Learn more today.

Read Guidelines For Submission for details.

Brief Background

Asteroid Arena is a new, 4-player video strategy game and associated NFT Collection developed by gaming industry leader Dave Thompson. He grew up playing video games and also has dealt high-limit poker, craps, and blackjack in Las Vegas for more than a decade. His objective is to bring skilled-based video games into the Las Vegas culture and experience.

The First Talent Call

In this casting call, Changing Vegas seeks digital artists, musicians, and fashion designers during the first half of 2022, and play testers to test and provide feedback on the Asteroid Arena! demo once it's completed later in the year.

The digital creatives chosen will work collaboratively to create all of the digital assets for the game and multi-tier #NFT Collection.

Dave Thompson, CEO, remarks: "Original art, whatever its form, is the cornerstone of every awesome video game. We'll be sharing the creation of the game art with you as it's developed. You'll be able to see how it all comes together as we create the Asteroid Arena! collectible cards and associated NFTs. It's now possible for what's normally a sunk cost - the game art - to become the means by which we fund the game."

Team members will also be working with Mike Mingucci, the company's NFT Strategist, to develop NFTs from the game art, music, and fashions. The space-themed game has eight action factions who are all battling it out for the Hyper Crystals, the most valuable element in the Universe. They are super rare, yet found in abundance on the asteroid. Each alien faction has a different game play, mission objectives - and each has its own art style. (Refer to our Guidelines For Submission below.)

Jay O'Leary Chosen To Create The Gloops

Changing Vegas has already commissioned renowned Las Vegas tattoo artist, Jay O'Leary ("Toofie') for "The Gloops" alien faction. You'll be seeing Toofie's art very soon as Changing Vegas, also a film studio, launches their "The Artists Behind the Aliens' video series celebrating the growing team.

Toofie shows Dave The Gloops. The Big Reveal took place at The Cheeba Hut on Rainbow.

The search is now on for seven more Las Vegas artists for the other seven alien factions, as well as an environmental artist.

Of course, the music within the game, and the in-game apparel and accessories, are also a big part of what makes any modern video game a unicorn. So, the Team is looking for a versatile Las Vegas-based musician (or band) who wants to help develop the game.

A super-stylish Las Vegas fashion designer will round out the Company's first Talent Call.

All those selected will be paid in USD (or crypto), NFTs, and increased notoriety. Those chosen will be independent contractors and sign a talent agreement.

Apply for The Great Las Vegas Talent Search Today

The deadline is 3/31/21. Learn more today.

Read Guidelines For Submission for details.


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