The GLOOP Founders Packs Arrive on WAX

This week, the first alien faction in our Asteroid Arena! NFT Collection dropped on the WAX blockchain!

In 2022, we’re collaborating with talented Las Vegas digital creatives to create Asteroid Arena! - a 4-player free-to-play video game, and The Official ESport of Las Vegas.

We’re using The Asteroid Arena! #NFTCollection to help fund the video game. Each drop will feature game art from one of the eight alien factions in Asteroid Arena! and be created by a different Las Vegas artist.

Our first #NFTart series features The GLOOPs, slimy mischievous creatures who combine into monsters and devour their opponents. The GLOOPs are created by popular Las Vegas tattoo artist Jay O’Leary, better known as “Toofless Jay”.

Learn more about Toofie's art:

The Gloops | Asteroid Arena!

Each GLOOP NFT Founders Pack costs 35 WAM and includes five game cards. If you already have a WAX wallet, you can purchase Founders Packs on Nefty Blocks here:

To get a WAX wallet in a few clicks, visit:

How It Works

Collect all the GLOOP cards and blend them into stronger GLOOPs, including the Legendary GLOOP King. Everyone holding the blended GLOOP NFTs when the video game launches, will receive the corresponding in-game premium cosmetic. In addition to helping fund Asteroid Arena!, when you make a purchase, you’re celebrating awesome Las Vegas artists who are making the transition into blockchain art.

See the Combo “Recipes” here:

Changing Vegas LLC is an indie game development + film studio in Las Vegas.

At Changing Vegas, we create skill-based games for the next generation of Las Vegas gamers. When people think of Las Vegas as the Gaming Capital of the World, our aim is to have that mean video games & casino games. We’re honored to be supported by the Las Vegas Cryptocurrency Community, as well as The City of Las Vegas, Tech Alley, the Black Fire Innovation Center at UNLV, Nativ Research, the Las Vegas NFT MeetUp Group, and others.

Buy Founders Packs on Nefty Blocks here:



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