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The Back Story of The Gloops

Updated: Feb 24

World Building: 1st in a Series of Opening Cinematics

 Gaming animation of large robots

The GLOOPs have a lot of firsts for Asteroid Arena!

- They were the first aliens I designed during the creation of the board game.

- They were the first faction we commissioned art for in Las Vegas.

- They will be our first NFT drop in our Asteroid Arena! NFT Collection

So, it’s only natural that we’re creating a GLOOP story mode mission as the beginner tutorial for the video game! This mission will also be the first playable demo of the video game that we create once we build our development team.

Since our GLOOPs NFT Drop is launching soon, I thought it was time to write the screenplay for the introductory cinematic of the GLOOP story mode mission. This is the most fun way I could think of to tell you what the GLOOPs are about, and how they fit into the world of Asteroid Arena!




Ext: Chaos Space

An Adventurer’s Guild space station is under attack! Fire, explosions, and fleeing spacecraft can be seen, as well as an ominous green shadow creeping up the station, slowly enveloping it.

Caption: Adventures Guild Outpost - Chaos Space


Ext: Adventures Guild Outpost

There are thousands of GLOOPs of all sizes and builds devouring everything in sight. The Adventurers Guild is putting up a mighty effort in defending the outpost, but the hordes of GLOOPs are too much to handle. Adorable baby GLOOPs and terrifying monster GLOOPs overrun their defenses and devour the defending aliens alive... along with pretty much everything else, buildings, sign posts, spaceships, everything.

An Adventurers Guild platoon has a fortified position in a choke point. They are stemming the tide of the GLOOPs with incredible effort.

CAPTAIN: Keep shooting men! Hold these slimy bastards back!

Baby and Monster GLOOPs alike are being torn apart by the gunfire of the Guild, but seemingly endless amounts of GLOOPs replace the slain ones.

CAPTAIN: Hit them with the disruptor cannon! Clear out the pack, then we advance!

A large cannon with the Adventurers Guild Logo on the side of it is behind the blockade, guarded by the fortified position. As the operator flicks on switches and buttons, the cannon begins an impressive charging of it’s systems. Electricity cracks and the air hums in anticipation of the cannon firing.

The CAPTAIN smiles.

Just as the cannon is about to fire, a MONSTROUS AMAGALMATION (MASS) bursts out of the nearby building, instantly devouring the cannon and half of the platoon with it.

The CAPTAIN looks on in horror as the aliens suspended in the MASS are being eaten alive by hundreds of baby GLOOPs, who are having a party inside the middle of the MASS. The CAPTAIN looks at the cannon suspended in the MASS being devoured by baby GLOOPs. The CANNON fires and explodes.

The MASS erupts violently, killing all nearby GLOOPs in a large explosion that leaves the surviving members of the Adventurers Guild covered in a thick and nasty goo – but alive. The CAPTAIN and his troopers start laughing together hysterically, amazed with themselves that they survived the encounter.

Their laughter is cut short as BABY GLOOPs start popping out of the residue left behind by the explosion. BABY GLOOPs are growing out of the slime all around them including on the limbs of the surviving Adventurers Guild members covered in the goo.

The CAPTAIN and his platoon scream in terror.


Zoom back to the area of the space station infected by the GLOOPs. They’ve completely taken over most of the space station.


The devouring GLOOP horde leaves behind a green slime trail, of which thousands of baby GLOOPs are born. The station is being terraformed into a BABY GLOOP paradise in the wake of devouring the Adventurers Guild station and its inhabitants. The BABY GLOOP play and goof around in the slimy paradise left behind. They build little gloopy houses, they have birthday parties, they create their own little society of BABY GLOOP.


Int: Command Center

An Adventurers Guild OFFICER is furiously running down a long hallway with a data card in hand. She looks out the windows as she's running and sees the chaos below of the GLOOPs devouring the station.

As she shuts her eyes while running, she imagines the horrors she saw on the battlefield below.

  • An Adventurers Guild soldier shoots a GLOOP out of a pack of 6 Baby GLOOPs. As the baby dies in horrific fashion, the other babies turn and look at the shooter with anger. They start running at the alien, who tries killing them – but the 5 BABY GLOOP combine together and turn into a large horrifying GLOOP, which easily devours the screaming alien.

She opens her eyes and looks across to a nearby high-rise structure.

Across the high-rise, now covered in a thick slime, Monster GLOOPs are devouring a building whole. In the wake of the destruction, she sees a group of Baby GLOOP sliding down slime trail slides with pure happiness.

She reaches the end of the hallway, and bursts on to the COMMAND DECK.

Int: Command Deck

The COMMAND DECK is a large situation room like the bridge of a ship on Star Trek. Adventurers Guild members are running around everywhere, trying to get the situation under control. One is trying to SOS, but can't get a response. Officers are shouting out updates to the COMMANDER, who is frantically barking orders to try and defend the station. Warning alarms are blaring.


COMMANDER: Officer! Report!

OFFICER: It’s bad sir, we’re being overrun in every sector! The creatures are amassing for a final assault as we speak!

The COMMANDER looks at the forward screen solemnly.

COMMANDER: The base lost then... Officer?


COMMANDER: Order all remaining fighters to abandon their current positions and protect the transport ships. I'll buy as much time as I can for the evacuation. The rest of you are dismissed. Get to the nearest escape shuttle and abandon the facility.

OFFICER: You can’t mean to…

COMMANDER: Seal the room and ready the self-destruct sequence. I’ll stall them as long as I can, then blow the facility and take those bastards out. No others will suffer the way we did.

The COMMANDER flips the self destruct switch which starts a 2 minute countdown. Blast doors and shielding surround the command deck. Automated turrets pop out of the walls and train their guns on the shielded door.

The COMMANDER draws his weapon.

COMMANDER: Abandon ship! Go!

All of the soldiers hurry out the back door to the escape pods and start evacuating.

The OFFICER refuses to leave the COMMANDER’S side.

COMMANDER: Go! Save yourself! That's an order!

The OFFICER begins preparing for battle instead of leaving.

OFFICER: I’ll stand beside you sir, we can buy more time for the evacuation together. For the Guild!

The OFFICER and COMMANDER salute each other.

BOTH: (In unison) For the Guild!

COMMANDER: “Very well. Here they come...”

The self-destruct countdown timer shows 45 seconds remaining.

As the voices of the Baby GLOOPs and the roars of the Monster GLOOPs become louder, the OFFICER and the COMMANDER train their weapons on the forward doors.

When Baby GLOOPs start eating their way through the doors, the two Adventurer’s Guild members start shooting through the holes in the blast doors. The GLOOPs start squeezing through the holes and begin running around the COMMAND DECK.

The self-destruct countdown timer shows 15 seconds remaining.

When the Baby GLOOP charges the two fighters, auto turret fire kills any GLOOP that gets too close. The Guild members seem to be holding the GLOOPs back at first, when an ANGRY GLOOP suddenly bursts through the doors and charges the pair with a roar!

The Guild members look down at the clock which has 3 seconds remaining, then hold hands and face the ANGRY GLOOP who is quickly gaining.

COMMANDER: See you in hell.

Just as the ANGRY GLOOP is about to devour the Guild members the countdown reaches 0. The COMMAND DECK erupts in a giant fireball, incinerating the entire COMMAND DECK along with the attacking GLOOPs.


Ext: Adventurers Guild Outpost

A single BABY GLOOP is wandering away from rest… he's a bit of a loner. BABY GLOOP spies a small platoon of Adventurers Guild Soldiers escaping off the station with their spaceship.

All of the sudden, from a distance, the COMMAND DECK explodes!

The first explosion sets off a chain reaction. and more explosions in the distance get closer and closer to the BABY GLOOP. The entire station is self-destructing!

BABY GLOOP screams in terror.

A GUILD SOLDIER escaping on the nearby ship sees the encroaching explosions as well.

GUILD SOLDIER: That’s our cue! Let’s get out of here!

The doors to the spaceship close and the engines fire up. BABY GLOOP looks back and sees the explosions getting closer, then looks back at the ship. As the spaceship rises and starts to fly away, the BABY GLOOP runs frantically to the ship and grabs onto the tail fin of it as it speeds into CHAOS SPACE.

As the station explodes below, the BABY GLOOP looks down to see the station and his fellow GLOOP companions die in a fiery and over-the-top fashion.

BABY GLOOP is sad.

Int: Adventurers Guild ESCAPE CRAFT

GUILD SOLDIER looks at his co-pilot. They flip some dials.

GUILD SOLDIER: We’re about to warp. Hang on.

Ext: Chaos Space

As the station explodes violently, the ESCAPE CRAFT enters a wormhole and zips away right before the shockwave of the explosion catches the ship. The BABY GLOOP is still attached.

BABY GLOOP screams while hanging on to the outside of the ship traveling at warp speed. His gloopy body is stretched out in a long thin strip as he desperately holds on to the aircraft.

BABY GLOOPs fingers start to slip one by one. As BABY GLOOP finally lets go, the ship speeds away and the BABY GLOOP is flung through CHAOS SPACE. BABY GLOOP looks around frantically and scared as he flies through CHAOS SPACE, passing black holes, firestorms, and the giant MOBIUS DRAGON - which roars and snaps at him as he passes.

The BABY GLOOP looks ahead and sees the ASTEROID ARENA flying towards him, he’s going to crash land! The BABY GLOOP screams again as he is set on a collision course with ASTEROID ARENA. He braces for impact… but lands with a harmless Splat!

The BABY GLOOP dusts himself off, laughs, and starts wandering around happily.

Fade to Black.


Visit the The Gloops page to learn more about this green, slimy and mighty faction.

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