Tell Me About Asteroid Arena!

Hyper Crystals… the most versatile and valuable mineral in the universe. Known for their alchemic, spiritual, and forging capabilities, a single crystal goes for over 1,000,000 units on the galactic market. 1,000,000 units!

A faraway asteroid has aliens from all walks of life flocking there to claim the prize of the Hyper Crystals – for their own uses and motivations. There’s only one problem… the asteroid is hurdling through deep space in one of the most volatile galaxies in the universe. It’s like walking into a death trap… but it’s worth it for fame, riches, and glory!


Asteroid Arena is a digital CCG that combines elements of other popular genres like social games, MOBAs, and Auto Chess into the CCG genre. Asteroid Arena! is specifically for Las Vegas Esports and Video Game Competition. The key is to make an interactive and cinematic CCG that is as fun to watch as it is to play.

This 4-player, skill-based game (in development) combines inspiration from various fantasy genres, board games, video games, and strategy card games - to create a chaotic and unique gameplay experience for fans of strategy games and CCGs. And, the addition of NFTs makes the experience even more rewarding.

Game Overview

The core components that make Asteroid Arena! different from other video games include:

1) FLAVOR – Different gaming and entertainment genres are expressed through each of the alien factions. Flavor is what names a game popular. In Asteroid Arena! there's a massive focus on the characters – both with the card and character designs, as well as the players’ personal Alien Avatar characters.


 2) GAMEPLAY – Each faction has its own unique gameplay and mechanics, appealing to varied types of gamers. The two key defining gameplay characteristics that separate Asteroid Arena! from a standard CCG are its 4-player nature and the differing mission objectives of each of the factions.


The 4-player nature allows the game to be difficult, having many more gameplay decisions due to twice the number of players of traditional CCGs, while keeping card design easy to understand. The competitive aspects that separate players will come from high-level decision making, reading board context, and knowledge of card and ability interactions. 


3) ACCESSIBILITY – Barrier to entry is usually a huge issue with CCGs, however, the two key features of our game (above) solve that problem.



Astral Plane.jpg
Astral Plane.jpg

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Faction-based Game Play

The Alien factions were designed with different skill levels, some having easier or harder-to-grasp mechanics. This is so new players can ease into the CCG genre by playing beginner factions, while more seasoned card players can jump right in with more complex mechanics.


This, in combination with our story mode (used as a training mode), will teach new players the basic game mechanics of competitive CCGs (like card advantage and tempo), while introducing them to the story and characters of Asteroid Arena!

The faction mission objectives are core to both the gameplay and the flavor of the game and are outlined in detail in the Alien Factions tab.