The First of 8 Alien Factions in Asteroid Arena!

Get To Know The Gloops

The GLOOPs (resized 1262x841).tif

Flavor: Imagine a cross between The Flood from Halo with Flubber.


Difficulty Level: Beginner


Mission Objective: Have 100 or more GLOOP tokens deployed to the asteroid.


Unique Mechanic: Gloop Tokens

The GLOOPs swarm the asteroid with tons of little creature tokens. These tokens fuel their unique abilities and are tied to their win condition.


Unique Abilities: The GLOOPs have two unique abilities:

> Multiply: Create X GLOOP alien tokens.

> Combine: Destroy X GLOOP tokens to summon “bigger and badder” GLOOPS.

The GLOOP tokens are tied to their Mission Objective. They also have cards that create and interact with the tokens.

Image by Joe Mania
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GLOOP Founders Packs on WAX

(4 cards per pack)

Baby GLOOP #4 (Green).png
Split Apart! (Orange).png
Angry GLOOP (Blue).png
The GLOOP King (Pink).png
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